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Summer Events

It is Summer again. No more classes, maybe a break from work, and a lot of time to do what you love. So gaming, here we go.

Fight Club in partnership with LEET Events will be back June 9th featuring your favorite fight games including Tekken, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Brawhalla. Cash prizes based on the number of participants.

We are introducing a new event series on Tuesdays, inviting streamers to do their thing live at DBG so you can watch them in action and after they are done streaming you can have a Meet & Greet session to ask about how to start streaming and any other questions you may have. Tuesday will also be our GamerGirl day when they play for free.

Wednesdays will be dedicated to the new AAA game everyone esports fan is talking about: Valorant. We will promote events for gamers to meet other Valorant players, create teams, have scrim sessions and participate in tournaments.

League of Legends be the main theme every Thursday. We will offer discounts, prizes and perks to LoL players every week based on the number of players present like we have done before.

GoGo and Miguel will be running the show every Friday with SSB Melee and Ultimate events. We love this crowd.

Weekends will be dedicated to FPS. Saturdays will be when we host events for CoD (June 6 and 27), CS (13) and for Rainbow 6 (20). Cash and fun in sight. Sunday will remain our Fortnite day, with tournaments every week but each time we will have a different way to compete.

Apart from events we are still offering free gaming hours to everyone who brings a new friend to play. You get for FREE the same amount of hours your friend buys on the day they create their accounts and make their initial purchase.

To cap our programming Digital Battlegrounds is offering half-price Day Passes from Monday to Thursday. You can play all day long, any games you like, for $10.

If you have any suggestions about events we should do please let us know sending a message to as we would love to know more about what you want and prefer.

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