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MOBA Social League: LoL, DOTA, and SMITE

We know how good it is to play MOBA games like League of Legends, DOTA 2, and SMITE however we play it. We also know how great it can be to play these games when you have a full team with you. That is why every Wednesday we promote MOBA playing and invite gamers to come to play, meet other gamers who share the love for the genre, and be part of our Social League.

The goal in these evenings is not to win a tournament or earn prizes but simply start building a dedicated group around the games we love. Yes, if you play at Digital Battlegrounds you can track your results on DOTA and on LoL thanks to the automated leaderboards our system feeds. Keeping track of our stats is important for medium/long term improvement and we want everyone to improve their gaming skills. Having stated that we encourage gamers to focus on other gaming dimensions every Wednesday: communication, strategy, and cooperation.

The leaderboard above shows players who came last week and are likely to come again. Join them and let's develop a great, fun environment to play the MOBA games we love.

MOBA Social Leagues - LoL, DOTA, and SMITE

Every Wednesday

From 5 pm to 9 pm

3201 East Colonial Dr - Inside Fashion Square Mall

Park at the garage and enter the mall through the doors close to the National Entrepreneur Center. Digital Battlegrounds is just at the end of the corridor.










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