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Tinkers Caravan and Digital Battlegrounds are together again for another League of Legends bash but this time it is bigger, it is better, it is a Series of LoL events!

After our last LoL Tourney we received very interesting feedback, both about gamers looking for more chances to play and about gaps between college teams and more casual teams. With that in mind, we have decided to start two tourney series, the College Cup and the OPEN Challenge.

The College Cup will happen on the last Friday of every month in 2020, exclusive to college teams, welcoming participants from anywhere in the US. Casting will be done live at Digital Battlegrounds and local teams are welcome to play on our custom esports PCs and benefit from having the whole team together, gaming on fiber internet access. Registration is open at

The OPEN Challenge will welcome any team looking for practice, fun, and cash prizes. There will be two brackets, one for Iron to Gold players and another tor players that have reached higher ranks. OPEN Challenge nights will happen on the second Friday of each month.



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