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Fortnite March Madness Tournaments

We have been discussing witht he communty different ways to run Fortnite tournaments, looking for the best way to offer you a great experience. We received many inputs and after careful consideration we decided to do all of them. : )

Solos or Duos? Points or Brackets? What about Box Fights? We get it, all modes can be interesting and trying different ways to play is more interesting than just the same old grind. The March Fortnite schedule looks like this:

March 1st - Solo players in double elimination brackets (max 16 players) March 8th - Solo Points Leaderboard followed by Top 4 single elimination head-to-head March 15th - 16 Duos in double elimination brackets (max 16 duos) March 22nd - Duos Points leaderboard followed by Top 4 single elimination head-to-head March 29th - Box Fight

Now the entry fee is just $10 and we will use $5 from each registration to create the Prize Pot. The more players show up, the bigger the prize pot and we guarantee a minimum pot of $50 per event.

Prizes will be split amont 1st (60%), 2nd (30%), and third place (10%).

If time allows for it we will run side events every Sunday so everyone keeps playing.

As always your inputs are most welcome and we are ready to improve our events trying to deliver the best experience possible. Please share your thoughts we us via social media or by email at

Let's Play!

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