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DBFZ Masterclass

Digital Battlegrounds and Ape Prime Esports Proudly Present the First Esports Masterclass in Orlando.

Gamers will be able to attend a Dragon Ball FighterZ masterclass hosted by Chris "Jaxin" Jackson, an Ape Prime Esports squad member and a dominant figure in Orlando fight game scene in recent years.

Jaxin has invited 5 of the top Dragon Ball FighterZ gamers in the region for a series of exhibition matches. The series has been designed to allow for a complete breakdown of strategies, techniques, and approaches to the game.

The goal of the masterclass is to share with the audience all the tactics and strategies of high caliber esports competitors in the fighting game community.

The masterclass is free to attend with limited occupancy on a first-come-first-served basis.

Ape Prime Esports is the preeminent organization representing Florida-based esports athletes and content creators with a simple approach: players and community first. Ape Prime Esports focus on player growth and development while offering esports fans around the world an unprecedented look into what it takes to build a strong team.

Digital Battlegrounds is the first esports academy in Orlando - FL offering local gamers a wide variety of services including casual gaming, esports services and a very active events schedule including tournaments, seminars, meet & greet with pro players, and workshops.

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