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Daily Weeklies

After 3 months of welcoming gamers from all walks in the gaming realms and testing different kinds of events, we have a new schedule. Our goal is to have something for everyone and build different groups based on what you like to play most. Having events based on different game genres each day of the week will enable us to foster a strong and diverse gaming community where everyone is represented.

We invite you to come on the day where your favorite game is the special flavor so you can meet other players that share the same passion for that game and play with them. The goal with NBA2K, TFT, LoL, DOTA2, APEX, PUBG, MTG Arena and Hearthstone is sharing the fun. With CoD, MK11 and Fortnite we will have fun but we also will have weekly tournaments that qualify for Monthly events worth $100 each.

We are leaving Saturdays open for special events based on crowd favorites like Overwatch, R6, and Rocket League as well as different events like Masterclasses, workshops and Meet & Greet with Pro Players.

Let us know if you like this schedule and if you don't like it as well. The more we learn from the community, the better we will be able to do.












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