We host qualifiers on every Sunday of the month. Buy a Day Pass for $20 and get all-day gaming, tournament entry, and Gamer Care Pack includes a drink, snack, and candy.  

$200 cash prize! 

Monthly Final 23rd (Free to all qualifier winners) 

Competition specs

  • Qualifiers - Digital Battlegrounds Leaderboards Scoring,

  • Finals - Duos play on the same squad and compete for the highest number of kills 

  • 4 Weekly Qualifiers and 1 Monthly Final starting Feb 2nd. 

  • Weekly Qualifiers winners will be determined using ggChampions leaderboards. 

  • Monthly Finals will be decided by total number of kills with 2 Duos playing on the same map on a Best of 3 Matches system. 

  • $200 Cash Prize on this new cycle of Fortnite events at Digital Battlegrounds.