call of duty MW after dark

Monthly 2v2

Do you have what it takes to dominate the battleground? 

Get your gear ready, call for back-up and jump on the fray with a buddy for our weekly 2v2 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare PC tournament series.   

Winners get Day-Passes and $200 cash prize!  

Play on our custom-built PCs with mechanical keyboards and optical mouse or bring your own set. All your peripherals are welcome if you want to bring your set: controller, keyboard, mouse, headset or mouse pad. 

Here's what you need to know

Each week, we host qualifiers to determine who will be in the finals. During the qualifiers tournaments, one team will secure a place in the finals playing the best of three matches in the following games: Capture the Flag, Gunfight, and Search and Destroy on a double elimination system.  

Monthly Finals will be single elimination. Best of five matches in the following games: Capture the Flag, Gunfight, Search and Destroy, Gunfight, Capture the Flag. 

Entry Fee

Qualifiers: $20. This fee includes all-day unlimited play, participation in weekly qualifiers and a Care Pack that includes two drinks and a snack. 

Finals: Free and exclusive to weekly event winners. 

Modern Warfare for PS4

Don’t miss our Call of Duty: Modern Warfare tournament for PS4. A partnership with After Dark, players have the chance to win some big bucks!  

Game Play
  • Search and Destroy ($1000 Prize Pool) 

  • Gunfight ($500 Prize Pool)


Check back soon to find out when we'll be hosting another Night Strike 10 v 10 (once we're done social distancing).

Game Play
  • Each team will have a pre-set Commanding Officer and gamers will be allocated to each side as they arrive. 

  • Games are 10 v. 10 

  • The game continues until one side concedes victory and leaves the field of battle.  

  • $10 for all night play.