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If you have played it, you know it: Valorant is amazing but one can only truly experience this game in its full potential by playing in a pre-made team. If you love Valorant as much as we do, come to our Tryout Challenge nights so our Head Coach, RaveNplZ, can see you in action. He is drafting players to play on a sponsored team that will have all our support.

Tomorrow, Friday 8/14, RaveNplZ will be interviewing gamers, observing them in ranked matches, and even play 1v1 with you from 6 pm to 9 pm.

Don't miss this chance to meet other Valorant players and to show a Pro esports coach all your skills.

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Sunday 8/16 our weekly Fortnite tourney will be a special one!

The BANG team will be at Digital Battlegrounds with drinks (I heard Rainbow Unicorn?) and other offers for all gamers.

We will be open until 8 pm so you can play both our 2v2 Kill Race Tourney and participate in the Fortnite Hype Night Event, the last one this season.

Essential Info:

  • Digital Battlegrounds is open from 12 pm to 8 pm (Hype Night from 5 pm to 8 pm)

  • $20 Day Pass includes Entry Fee ($10 Entry Fee) 

  • Tournament matches between 2 pm and 5 pm

  • $50 Guaranteed Minimum Prize Pool - total can go higher, at $5 per participant

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Please observe the following instructions to play in our League of legends tourney this Friday (7/31):

Tournament Official Start Time: July 31st, 2020 @ 6pm EST

Check-In Time: 5p-5:30p EST (All players must be on our Discord server on our League of Legends Section to receive bracket updates as well as send us screenshots after every game.

Tournament Format:

- Double Elimination

- Tournament Draft Pick

- Summoner's Rift / 5v5

Before matches, attendees will be shown the bracket and we will assist in having team captains friend each other in-game and instruct team captains on who is creating the customs and who is joining.

In-Game Custom Settings:

Summoner's Rift Name: (Team Acronym) vs (Team Acronym) 

Team Size: 5

Password: (we will instruct teams about passwords on Discord)

After every match, each team captain must screenshot their screen and upload it to the working admin on our Discord server to validate which team has won and which has lost.

The tournament will start at 6pm EST and will end when the final two teams have finished their match.

Tink3r's Caravan will be live at Twitch.TV/DigitalBattlegrounds to run the brackets. Join our chat to get in the know about the schedule and about other teams.

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