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Updated: Jun 12

Talent is not enough. It will carry you far but in esports you need more to cross the finish line. First, you need to practice a lot. And it is not only about practice but practicing the right way and with the right partners. It is also necessary to identify the flaws in your style of play compared to how the most successful players do it. Get all that combined in a systematic approach that includes specific drills, health concerns, and mental discipline and you get Digital Battlegrounds' Fortnite Bootcamp.

Our goal is to help you play better and prepare for tournaments, leagues, and competitive play in general. Our Head-Coach, Kevin "RaveNplZ" Radovan, has prepared a special program that includes the following:

  • Fortnite Foundations - Aiming, Building, Box Fighting

  • Building - Fighting & Movement

  • Teamwork

  • Landing Wars & Zone Wars

  • Looting Patterns

  • Battle Royale Strategies

It is important to notice we will not be introducing players to the above-mentioned topics. Our aim is to improve trainees in all aspects of the game. A basic to intermediate knowledge of the game is expected from all participants so we can introduce drills, scrims sessions, and practice patterns that will elevate your gaming skills.

Each Fortnite Bootcamp Session includes an introductory seminar followed by hands-on practice and drills followed by supervised sparring with colleagues.

Each participant will have its style and experience level assessed so our coaching staff can recommend specific settings and drills. Personal goals will also be considered as well as strengths and weaknesses so the program can be customized as much as possible.

The Fornite Bootcamp will happen in 8 sessions, each one 2 hours long, Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 16th to July 9th, always 6 pm to 8 pm.

During this period all trainees will have an additional 10 hours to practice at Digital Battlegrounds, any day of the week, to keep honing their skills.

On July 12th all participants will be invited to a Graduation Tournament.

Digital Battlegrounds' Fortnite Bootcamp total cost for participants is $150 +tax. No other payment will be necessary.

All equipment is provided (trainees may use their own peripherals if wanted).

About our Head-Coach:

Kevin Radovan, also known as RaveNplZ, has been active in competitive eSports games for the last two decades. He made his name known by defeating one of the best Counter-Strike 1.6 teams in the world - Mibr - while still in high-school. Raven has developed his skills in different game genres, seeking the hardest competition the world has to offer, and often rising to the top 1% of the competitive ladders. He is an experienced martial arts instructor and graduated valedictorian in Simulation and Visualization(VR/AR Computer Science) at Full Sail University. At Full Sail Raven coached the schools' eSports organization Armada’s Overwatch team and represented the school at national Smash Ultimate tournaments.

His passion is eSports and he is focused on giving back to the eSports community by creating future eSports games and sharing lessons he has learned along his path with aspiring competitive gamers.

As a coach, his focus is on creating a positive and fun learning experience for students while still creating the skills and mindset needed to perform at the highest competitive levels.


We have 3 FREE spots on the Fortnite Bootcamp for players with great potential but who cannot practice at home for lack of equipment. To have a chance to be invited to participate free of charge you need to do 3 things:

1. Follow Digital Battlegrounds on Instagram and post a picture of your home setup, where you usually play Fortnite, using #DBGFortniteBootcamp

2. Play our Fortnite tournament 6/14 at 2 pm

3. Talk to our head coach Kevin "RavenPlz" Radovan about your goals in esports

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It is Summer again. No more classes, maybe a break from work, and a lot of time to do what you love. So gaming, here we go.

Fight Club in partnership with LEET Events will be back June 9th featuring your favorite fight games including Tekken, Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Brawhalla. Cash prizes based on the number of participants.

We are introducing a new event series on Tuesdays, inviting streamers to do their thing live at DBG so you can watch them in action and after they are done streaming you can have a Meet & Greet session to ask about how to start streaming and any other questions you may have. Tuesday will also be our GamerGirl day when they play for free.

Wednesdays will be dedicated to the new AAA game everyone esports fan is talking about: Valorant. We will promote events for gamers to meet other Valorant players, create teams, have scrim sessions and participate in tournaments.

League of Legends be the main theme every Thursday. We will offer discounts, prizes and perks to LoL players every week based on the number of players present like we have done before.

GoGo and Miguel will be running the show every Friday with SSB Melee and Ultimate events. We love this crowd.

Weekends will be dedicated to FPS. Saturdays will be when we host events for CoD (June 6 and 27), CS (13) and for Rainbow 6 (20). Cash and fun in sight. Sunday will remain our Fortnite day, with tournaments every week but each time we will have a different way to compete.

Apart from events we are still offering free gaming hours to everyone who brings a new friend to play. You get for FREE the same amount of hours your friend buys on the day they create their accounts and make their initial purchase.

To cap our programming Digital Battlegrounds is offering half-price Day Passes from Monday to Thursday. You can play all day long, any games you like, for $10.

If you have any suggestions about events we should do please let us know sending a message to as we would love to know more about what you want and prefer.

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Fashion Square Mall has re-opened to the public and we are very happy to be able to welcome gamers again.

A few things have changed and the most important goal in our mind is that we have to keep everyone healthy. To do that we are keeping at least one station empty between gamers. If you come with friends you all can play side by side, but groups or individuals that are not together will be able to play keeping their distance from unknown gamers.

Each station is cleaned with bactericide products between sessions. This may lead to longer times to start your favourite game but it will ensure all is clean and tidy for you.

The last thing that we are changing is the opening hours, following Fashion Square Mall hours:

Mon/Thu 1 pm to 7 pm

Fri/Sat 11 am to 7 pm

Sun 12 pm to 6 pm

Com and play with your friends!


3201 E Colonial Drive, Fashion Square Mall, Orlando, FL 32803

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